Babywearing - Which Wrap Material is for me?

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The world of woven wraps is overwhelming. What size am I? What color? What brand? What fiber? How do I use it? In this blog post I hope to tackle one of these questions. What Fiber Content?  Although not at the top of my list when I first started shopping for a woven wrap it has quickly become a huge factor in my assessment of a wrap. Not all fibers are created equal even though on paper (or webpage) they may look identical. For sake of simplicity I’m going to stick to the brands that Dearest Diapers carry and with the most common fiber contents.

100% Cotton

Not all cottons are created equal. Let me give you a minute to let that settle in your brain. You let it soak in? Quality of cotton varies greatly from one batch of wraps to the next. Much of it depends on the weave of the wrap and the mills that the company is working with. All of the woven wraps that Dearest Diapers carries come from very reputable companies and have very sturdy cottons. Girasol’s cotton is super soft and breaks in similar to a loved blanket. Not the best for a large toddler but amazing for that tiny baby.  Kokadi cotton is equally as soft and comfy not to mention comes in many awesome patterns. Oscha Cotton is the epitome of quality cottons. Oscha also uses combed cotton in some of their wraps. The combing process makes for a luxuriously soft wrap. Known for being both soft and supportive this company takes quality seriously.


In my humble opinion blends are the way to go when it comes to buying a woven wrap. It can offer you the best of both worlds. A cotton/linen blend will offer you the soft blanket quality we all love while also providing support for that 20 pound chunker you have on your hands. A silk/ cotton blend is so soft I can’t even put it into words. The only downfall to that little bit of silk, it may not be as grippy therefore you may have to tie a double knot at the end of your carry. (A small price to pay, for your own personal cloud!)

What about summer, I live in the Mojave Desert?? I live in the arctic it gets super cold, what is best for me? I like A wrap but B wrap you say is the BEST fiber content? First thing to keep in mind is that if you don’t absolutely LOVE your wrap you won’t use it. If you really like the look of a certain wrap get it! Who cares that I said it won’t hold your toddler! It will hold your toddler, safely, you just might get tired. If you live in the heat…MOVE…Just kidding!  In the heat it’s best to use something that is breathable. Generally cottons or linen wraps are the best. In the winter your baby is close to you therefore you keep each other warm. There are wool wraps out there but I have yet to find a super soft one. Also, wool wraps need to hand washed and line dried. If you live in a small house or apt a wool wrap may not be the best way to go unless you plan on laying it in your hallway to dry. Go with your gut and HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

This wrap is an oscha 50% cotton and 50% Linen blend carrying a 20 pound 9 month old.

-Jamille Winrow

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