Behind the Scenes Peek of our Lalabye Baby Exclusive: Enchantment under the Sea

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Enchantment Under the Sea: Behind the Scenes Reveal!

First off let me tell you, that Chris and I were completely blown away by the response we received for this Lalabye exclusive. You always hope that your collaborations are well received, but you never truly know if what you believe is amazing will touch people the way Enchantment Under the Sea (EUTS) did. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for participating in this stocking and making it an experience our little family run store will never forget.

Since we are still buzzing from the excitement, Chris and I wanted to take a moment and pull back the curtain so you (and us too!) can relive some of what went into this Lalabye exclusive:

The Journey Begins:

Our exclusive journey started in August 2016 (Yes! Can you believe it?! Just imagine how much second guessing can occur over that amount of time! Stressful!!!). I contacted Melissa at Lalabye Baby (Owner/CEO) to let her know about our interest, and that we would love to collaborate with her on an exclusive print. After agreeing on the logistics, she asked us to submit a few ideas… one of them was a Mermaid design with Narwhals, little fish, crabs and some other fun Sea life. The Lalabye Baby design team worked some of their magic with our brainstormed suggestions and presented us with an adorable pattern we were really excited about (early December 2016). We were immediately in love and though we did ask to see an alternate color scheme, quickly realized the Lalabye Baby design team nailed it on the first try!

The Waiting Game:

Once we had agreed upon the design, we still had 5 months to question every little decision we made. When Melissa received our order and shipped us a few diapers and wetbags for our photoshoot the excitement started to build.

The Right Name and a Photoshoot

Once we got our hands on the diaper our creative juices started flowing and we started bouncing ideas for names around. Sometimes when an idea is just meant to be it’s the first thing you think of. Enchantment Under the Sea was the first name that came to mind and it just beat all comers for the crown! A couple things had to happen for our photoshoot: we needed some cute outfits and we needed some Lalabye fans to model them. I had a great local mom sew us the adorable mermaid costumes and a willing crew showed up and blew us away with their professional posing!

The Reveal:

Here’s where you guys come in. If you think you were excited for the teaser photos, you have no idea how excited we were about the response!

May 19, 2017 the Stocking Deets: We released locally at 10:00am PST and then online at 11:30am PST. Our local Lalabye Baby fans kicked off the event and when the online release happened the wetbags sold out in seconds and the diapers were sold out within hours! Wow! We are just humbled and grateful for the support! Relive some of the photos below.

The Final Enchantment under the Sea Banners were released and posted right before the stocking on May 19th, 2017. Again we completely sold out of Diapers and Wetbags on the same day. It was just an incredible response to the design.
We hope you enjoyed finding out more about how Enchantment under the Sea came about.
Thank you again for supporting our small family owned store.
Rana & Chris

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