Grimm's Small Colour Circle Goethe

Grimm's Small Colour Circle Goethe


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Product information "Small Colour Circle Goethe"
The Small Colour Circle Goethe are intended as a table game for older children and adults. Goethe’s Colour Theory begins with red, yellow and blue as pure colours. After looking intently at one of these pure colours, the eye will perceive the complementary colour. The complementary colours are opposite to the primary colours in Goethe’s Colour circle. Due to the eight fractional elements in the puzzle, there are two red and two green shades in our Colour Circle of Goethe. These colour shades can be seen together. Children can learn the relationship between the colours with this Creative Puzzle: Mix the coloured pieces and then lay primary and complementary colour opposite in a circle. Or select the primary colours and place the colour which is the result of mixing them next to it. Tip: It’s helpful for children to first discover how colours can be mixed by experimenting with water colour paints. This wonderful set of puzzle blocks can be used to nurture a feeling for colours and forms while encouraging spatial perception and logical thinking. 24 pieces in a wooden frame. Materials: birch or poplar ply wood, non-toxic water based color stain/non-toxic plant based oil finish. Size: diameter 16cm, puzzle pieces 0,7cm thickness.
Age: 3+ years
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