Bee Green Naturals Leave-in Conditioner Spray

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Leave In Conditioning Spray

For adults and kids. 8 oz.
Our leave in conditioner spray is a natural way to add some extra protection and softness to your hair and keep the mornings easier for the kids! Simply spray after you or your kids bathe, let it sit a min. or two for extra tangles, and comb or brush through with a non-ball tip brush (those are best for everyone).

In the am spray on childrens hair to help with tangles and/or styling. Just be sure not to use it as a 'wet hair down' spray as this is a nice rich detangler and it could be too much.

IF you want to use it only on dry hair in the am, please write in the extras box.. 'FOR AM USE' in bold and I will make sure to give you a kind just for dry hair. Either kind will work but the dry hair type we have made is not quite as intensive. I keep a bottle downstairs for my daughters' hair only in the mornings.

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