Mucky Wear Zoom Zoom Loop Boot

Mucky Wear

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Keep your kids' feet dry in the muckiest of weather as they race around town in these Rubber Loop Boots from Mucky Wear. High-quality rubber will keep their feet dry and the exciting designs will keep your kids smiling.

Our designer toddlers boots fit true to size, meaning that a size 7 is a true size 7 with a little room to grow without being oversized. They do not crack at the seams, scuff, tear/rip, or split apart during use. They make a perfect anti-slip wear for all-season adventure for preschoolers with well-threaded soles for increased traction which help to keep your loved ones safe and injury-free by preventing falls.


  • Natural rubber rain boots are waterproof and will keep your kid's feet dry in the wettest conditions.
  • Sturdy sole with a deep tread to prevent slips.
  • Loops up top provide an easy way for children to put boots on themselves. Also great for hanging up boots to dry.
  • Bright colors and fun patterns keep your kids excited to play.
  • Run. Jump. Play. Repeat

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