Lovelace Phone Case Necklace in Floral Sky


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For the adventerous. This crazy necklace in turqoise and rose makes everyone look beautiful.


With the Lovelace Crossbody Phone Case, your hands are free to take care of the things that matter to you! Carry your phone in style with the beautifully designed crossbody strap and only grab your phone when you need it. No digging through your bag to find your phone, no more squeezing it out of a tight pocket, and no more accidental cracked screens. This timeless accessory goes with every look and is already a big trend in Europe! Now it’s coming to the US!


  • JOB: Always on your feet getting things done and constantly need your phone? No more missed calls or messages - your phone is always with you!
  • TRAVEL: A magical place and you want to snap a picture? Afraid of losing your phone while sightseeing or exploring? Have your phone always available!  
  • PARENTING: child(ren), stroller, bag, pacifier, phone - but you only have two hands! One less thing to worry about if you wear your phone. And who’s child doesn’t love mom and dad’s phone? No fear of your child dropping it with the phone lace!
  • ADVENTURE: Hiking, mountain biking, or sailing and don’t want to carry a backpack or worry about dropping your phone? Just wear your phone! Perfect gadget for the adventurous! 
  • JUST LIFE: Always missing important phone calls or forgetting things because your phone wasn’t with you? Not happening again!


Iphone 7 & 8, Iphone 7 Plus & 8 Plus, Iphone X & XS, Iphone XR, Iphone XS Max, Iphone 11, Iphone 11 Pro, Iphone 11 Pro Max, Iphone SE2020


  • Deep Water Blue with black, matte accessories
  • Coral Pink with gold accessories
  • Floral Sky in purple and turquoise with silver accessories

Remove protective film before using. Handle with care and at own risk. Lovelace does not guarantee the integrity of your phone. Please keep away from small children.

Satisfaction guarantee! If you don’t love it, you’ll get your money back! 

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