Early Access Cart Pass

After so many requests we have decided we want to offer this special reward to our most loyal shoppers White Heart on Microsoft

What is Early Access Cart Pass?
Whenever you spend $250+ in a calendar month, you have the option to order the desired items from a Stocking during the following calendar month with your Early Access Cart Pass. Early Access Cart Passes do not carry over if unused. The cart pass has to be used the following month after spending the $250 in the previous calendar month.

How many Early Access Cart Passes can I redeem?
Each calendar month when spending $250 you are eligible the following month for 1 cart pass. You can only redeem 1 cart pass per month, but if you spend $250 each month for the year you can get up to 12 cart passes per year.

How do I redeem the Early Access Cart Pass?
Let's say you spend over $250 in the month of August. Then the following month in September we are having a stocking with your favorite product. You will have to email earlyaccess@dearestdiapers.com by 4pm the day before the release to be eligible to use your cart pass.
Any requests received after 4pm pst the day before the release will not be honored.

What items from the release am I eligible for?
When we receive your cart pass request email with the items you would like to purchase, we will first verify that you are eligible for the cart pass. Once we have verified your eligibility, we will email you back with the items we were able to pull for you from this stocking. 

Am I guaranteed all items from my cart pass request email?
When we receive your early access email with your requests, we will check to make sure we can fulfill your requested items. Then we will email you back with a confirmation of the items we can hold back for you. Since some releases are super limited, we can not guarantee all requests from your list will be honored. We have to be fair and give other early access requests a chance to redeem their cart passes as well. Only after you have received a confirmation email from us, can you be sure of what items we were able to hold back for you.

How do I pay for my Early Access Cart Pass items?
Due to Manufacturer restrictions we are unable to presell any items before the set release times and dates. So we will just pull your items from our stock before the release and then send you an invoice for your requested items after the release time and date.

Fine Print:
- The minimum is $250 spend to reach the early access cart pass for the following Calendar month. Taxes and shipping where applicable are not counted toward the $250 minimum and your total has to be $250 spend after all discount or rewards codes are applied.
- Please remember that the Early Access Cart Pass is a special thank you to our most loyal customers and therefore cart passes are NOT transferable.
- We will do our best to honor Early Access Cart Passes as best as we can, but some releases are super limited and we may not be able to fulfill every request.