Earn 5% in Rewards Points on every Purchase!

Earn 1 Point for Every Dollar Spent
Earn Points for Creating an Account
Earn Points for writing Product Reviews
Earn Rewards by referring Friends

How do I earn Points?
All purchases on our website are eligible for earning points. You must have an account set up on our website and must be logged in with the same email when placing an order to earn points. Our system automatically tracks all your points and will assign them to your account associated to your email. You can also earn extra points for reviews and referring friends. When purchasing a Gift Card, the purchaser receives the Rewards Points, not the person redeeming the Gift Card.

Can Dearest Diapers transfer or combine points?
We are unable to add points, merge accounts/orders and combine points after an order has been placed. Please make sure you have an account set up on our website and are logged in with the same email before making purchases, so that your points are assigned to your account.

How do I redeem Rewards Points?
Go to the Rewards tab, there you will see if you have earned enough points to redeem them for a rewards voucher.

I decided not to use my Voucher, can you refund the points?
We are unable to cancel Vouchers or reverse points once they have been redeemed. The good news though, Our rewards vouchers do NOT expire!

How does my Rewards Voucher work?
Rewards Vouchers must be used in a single Purchase. Your voucher will not hold a balance, example: If you have a $50 Reward and only make a $40 purchase you will lose the rest of the Reward Balance. So please make sure to use the entire Voucher in one purchase. 

Can I transfer my points or have multiple friends place orders under my account to accrue more points?
Our Rewards system is intended to show our appreciation to our loyal customers. We can not transfer earned points to someone else. Also points are intended to be collected and used on purchases made by the account holder. We reserve the right to cancel orders if the intended use of our Rewards Program is being abused.

How do I earn Birthday Points?
All you have to do is enter your birth date in your rewards tab. The system will award you points on your birth date. Please not that there must be at least 3 days before your birth day when you sign up for this reward for it to be triggered in the system. 

How do I earn points for writing a Review?
You can earn 2 points every day for leave a product review under any product on our website. You may leave as many reviews each day but you will only earn points for one review in every 24 hour period. The points will show pending for 2 days under your account before they are awarded.

How do I earn points for a referral?
The rules to qualify for referral points are:
-The referred friend has to be new to Dearest Diapers and not have an existing account. 
-This must be your friend's first order placed through your link to trigger the referral.
-The order must be over $25 (after coupons, shipping, taxes)
-The approval period for a referral order is 5 days.
If your referred friend cancels or returns their order, the referral points will be removed from your account. 
The referral program tracks all referrals and referral orders, so we are unable to override them in our system.

Please Note:
Rewards Codes and Coupon Codes are both considered Discount codes and therefore can not be stacked in a one Purchase.

  50 Points = $2.50
100 Points = $5
200 Points = $10
300 Points = $15
500 Points = $25
1000 Points = $50