Bee Green Naturals Lanolin Wool Wash 4oz.

  • $6.25


Bee Green Naturals Lanolin Wool Wash 4oz.

Bee Green Naturals Wool Wash gives a gentle cleansing while also lanolizing your wool.

For some there will be no other reason to lanolize further due to the high amount of lanolin in our wash. But if you feel you need more protection from wetness, you might want to get some solid lanolin or lanolin spray.

Use: Rinse your wool item gently in tepid water or a basin of water to flush out any urine and/or dirt particles. Then fill your wash basin with lukewarm to warm water and add approx 2 tsp wool wash depending on how large your item is or how much washing you need to do. This amount should be adequate for up to one large wool item. Gently squeeze the wool wash through the item carefully and then allow it to sit for around 20 min. or so in the lanolin wash bath.  Drain the bath and if you want to give a little rinse you can, but it's up to you and not necessary. I personally like to softly squeeze out some water and then place my woolie item flat on a towel and roll it up nice and tight. Then I get my arm exercise squeezing it all around to push every bit of water out. Unroll and redo in a dry spot on the towel if necessary. Then unroll again and lay them flat to dry. All done.

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