Bee Green Naturals Goodnight Moon Room and Linen Spray

Bee Green Naturals Goodnight Moon Room and Linen Spray

BeeGreen Naturals

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Goodnight Moon EO Blend 4 oz

A beautiful blend of essential oils to help your little's fall asleep in a peaceful way.

USE: Before bed mix a little then spray around the room or to the bed linens, allow it to dry for a minute or two. A  few spritz's is all that should be needed. For adults you might like a bit stronger smell and can use more. Not intended for direct use on the skin but it's ok to lay on after it's dried a bit, there is nothing harmful in it, just stronger EO base. Please use our roll on Goodnight Moon for body application.


DISCONTINUE use if irritation occurs anywhere.

None of the EO's are known irritants.. all are safe for babies and children. We uphold the stringest safety and NEVER put anymore EO's in our products than are allowed. We follow minimum guidelines.

Nut free formula. Denatured Alcohol, Water, and Blend of 7 high grade EO's.

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