Bee Green Naturals Shower Steamer Pods 2-pack

Bee Green Naturals Shower Steamer Pods 2-pack

BeeGreen Naturals

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Shower steamer pods are pods of bubbling wonder to help clear your sinuses, relax you, or wake you while enjoying your shower morning or night.

Place one on the bottom of the shower under the water below you but not directly in the jet of water.. this helps them last a bit longer. You want them under you for the scent to move upward but out of the jetstream so to speak. Just enough water to keep them bubbling well but not so much to destroy them too quickly from water pressure.

Shampoos/Conditioners or soaps with stronger fragrance can interfere with the scent so we recommend relaxing with your pods before or after washing up. If you're needing to use these you are likely not feeling well.. carve out 5-8 extra minutes to allow some relaxation time in the shower.

  • Green is Clear Me - essential eucalyptus and menthol
  • Orange is Wake Me -  menthol and a citrus essential oil blend
  • Purple is Relax Me - lavender and roman chamomile essential blend
  • Green NOT for children under the age of 8. Over 8 use just one at a time.
  • Orange NOT for children under the age of 6. Also one at a time.
  • Not for use in the bath due to higher essential oil strength... please see our bath bombs instead.

Price is for a 2 PACK.

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