Fidella FlyTai - MeiTai babycarrier Feline Almond (Wool)

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Our Feline Flytai made of 50 % wool is something really special.

The classic woven fabric with a taupe colored edge and a black weft of wool, has a surface weight of 230 g/m².

The pattern of this classic design got inspired by the hidden underworld of the cats in the big metropolises of this world. At nighttime, the Aristocats take over the power of the abandoned streets and alleys of Paris, Moscow and Rome.  

Where the lanterns are surrounded by fog, they meet in the beams of light for a romantic rendezvous. When the sun rises, they disappear as secretly as they arrived.

  • new size to clothing size 92 (child)
  • Completely manufactured from sling fabric (100% organic cotton); foam padding 100% polyester)
  • without annoying accessories made of plastic or metal
  • without Velcro closures that can injure the sensitive sling fabric
  • Infinitely adjustable backpanell (24 - 48 cm), fixed by self-locking knot.
  • Infinitely adjustable bridge (11-45 cm), fixed by self-locking knot.
  • To better distinguish the strings: different ends (waist string round, shoulder string pointed)
  • from size XS (4) up to clothing size 3XL (24) (caregiver)

This is a one size Carrier adjustable for Baby through Toddler size!

Manufacturer: Fidella
age of child: size 74 -104 cm (30 in - 41 in)
length of shoulder strings: 200 cm (about 78.7 inches)
bridge: 11- 45 cm (steplessly adjustable) -> about 4.3 -17.7 inches
backpanel (new size): 30- 48 cm (steplessly adjustable) -> about 12 -19 inches
Weave: jacquard
padding Material: 100% Polyester wadding
clothing caregiver: XS (4) to XXXL(24) (caregiver)
Care instructions: handwash
Length of waistbelt: 190 cm (about 74.8 inches)
max. Load: max. 15 kg (about 33Ibs)

This carrier is compliant to ASTM F2236-14

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