Fresh Moon Pads - Elegance 1 All in One Pad

Fresh Moon Pads

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Women are choosing cloth for themselves everyday and with Fresh Moon, you will be very happy that you made the choice too! Fresh Moon uses the finest fabrics for softness, comfort and function. You will not find inexpensive and thin flannels that pill and become rough. Instead, you will enjoy years of use with pads that are so comfortable, you will literally forget you are wearing them!

No more sticky plastic, harmful chemicals or smelly perfumes that create odor and imbalances with your hormone and pH levels. Enjoy more comfortable periods with less cramping, discomfort and odors when you use all-natural, chemical-free cloth pads.

New! Our super popular AIO's are now available in luxurious black fabrics.

All In Ones are pads made with one moisture blocking layer of Windpro Fleece, filled with organic cotton/hemp blended fleece and topped with an optional layer of soft and comfortable organic bamboo velour. There is no need to purchase bodies with your All In Ones as they are a one-piece design.

9 inches AIO - Light to Medium Flow
11 inches AIO - Medium to Heavy Flow
13 inches AIO - Heavy Flow

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