KoKaDi Koko Stars

KoKaDi Koko Stars

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kokadi KOKO Stars Woven Wrap


A beautiful ruby red is woven together with malachite green for the latest kokadi stars!

This color combinations suits ideally to the coming festive season. 
The stars are smaller than in the classic weaving and sparkle in eye-catching colors.

The avantgarde line is characterized by the finer and tighter weaving.

material: 100% organic cotton

colors: ruby red / malachite green

weight: 200 g/m²

weaving: Avantgarde


All kokadis are made of controlled biological cultivation and controlled biological livestock.

Our organic cotton wraps are GOTS-certificated.

kokadi wraps made of blended fabrics, for example whool, silk, modal, hemp or linen, are assigned with the exchange certificate and are produced to those guidlines.

Which wrap size you need depends on two factors: with which tying method you want to carry your child and which body height you and your baby have.


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