Lenny Lamb Wrap Conversion Full Buckle *DD Exclusive*  - Explorer *Second Generation* (Cotton)

Lenny Lamb Wrap Conversion Full Buckle *DD Exclusive* - Explorer *Second Generation* (Cotton)

Lenny Lamb

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SSC will be 2nd generation (meaning no seat darts)!

Explorer Denim/Jeans Blue & Cream
jacquard weave
100% cotton
Reverse is also available (Cream background)
Release Date: August 31, 2015

"Explorer" is a Nautical, Pirate themed design perfect for the little one in your life. Everything is exciting for babies and they are always up to something! Life seems like an adventure when you are always seeing, finding and learning new things. This design is perfect for your little Explorer.

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Lenny Lamb "Explorer"
Ring Sling length: ~2.1m - $150
Woven Wrap
xsmall (3,6 meter) - $160
small (4,2 meter) - $165
medium (4,6 meter) - $170
large (5,2 meter) - $175
xlarge (6,0 meter) - $180

Full Buckle
babysize - $230
toddler size - $235

mini size - $135
toddler size - $140

Woven Wrap
The Woven Wrap is a good choice for a newborn baby as well as for 2-3 year old baby of as long as you like to wear your child. They can be tied in many ways, the same wrap fits no matter what size clothes you wear. Our Wraps are woven with unique properties that allows to evenly wrap y our baby, so it is completely safe.

Lenny Lamb Meitai


LennyLamb Mini (standard) - Recommended for children aged between 5 -18 months

Maximum child s weight - 18 kg

LennyLamb toddler (maxi) - Recommended for children aged over 10 months

Maximum child s weight - 20 kg



  • Width of a panel: 41 cm
  • Length of top straps: 215 cm
  • Length of a bottom strap: 170 cm
  • WyHeight of a panel from a bottom strap without a headrest: 40 cm
  • Height of a headrest: 7 cm


The basic difference is in the width of the panel (MINI - 35 cm, TDDLR - 40 cm) and its height  (10 cm difference between MINI -45cm and TDDLR - 55 cm). Due to these differences Mini can perfectly adjust to the body of a little baby, while Toddler proves to be more comfortable for carrying a 2-3 year-old child.

Permissible measurement error is ± 3 cm.

Lenny Lamb Ergonomic Carrier

LL is a soft structured carrier we have designed with straps and buckles to provide you with a carrier that assures a perfect fit.

While designing the carrier it was our priority to make sure that your baby is carried in a secure, healthy and comfortable way. Your comfort was also within the priorities. Therefore, we created a structured carrier caring for the highest quality of the components used for its production.

Carrier Measurements: (5-20 kg or 11- 44 Ibs)

Baby size recommended for children 5-18 months

Toddler size recommended for children 10+ months

Baby size (+/- 2cm)

Panel height 40cm (15.75 inches)

Panel width 32cm (12.6 inches)

Panel width at legs 35cm (13.78 inches)

Toddler size (+/- 2cm)

Panel height 48cm (18.9 inches)

Panel width 38cm (14.96 inches)

Panel width at legs 45 cm (17.7 inches)

Carrier Features:

-adjustable Hood

-3 way adjustable shoulder straps for a perfect fit

-contoured panel

-soft padded straps

-and padded fabric for the back of the knees for comfort

-high quality woven fabric

-three point safety buckle to prevent accidental opening

LennyLamb Ergonomic Carrier:

- made of LennyLamb Woven fabrics - highest quality fabrics made of the finest yarn, all yarn and dyes used for LennyLamb fabrics have the Oko-tekst standard 100 certificate

- made in Poland

- three point safety buckle prevents accidental opening

- four way adjustable shoulder straps for a perfect fit

- adjustable hood

- contoured panel, soft padded straps and legs out padding for the baby

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