Mommy Power Stroller Power Bank and Carry-All Hook Navy

Mommy Power Stroller Hook

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The Mommy Power Stroller Hook does it all!
Use the Power Bank to charge your Phone on the Go! The USB charging cable is included and the Power Bank will provide up to 2 Full Charges for most smartphones. Then use the Carabiner to carry your Shopping Bags or your Purse.
This is the must-have item for moms!
  • Attaches to most stroller handles and diaper bags/shopping bags
  • 5000 Mah Rechargable battery will provide up to 2 full charges to most smartphones.
  • Holds up to 25 Ibs
  • Compatible with all USB Devices.
  • Built-in LED indicator light displays battery level.
  • Micro USB Charging cable included.
  • Available in 3 colors: Navy, Black, and Pink

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