Safari Ltd Safari Farm Holstein Cow

Safari Ltd Safari Farm Holstein Cow

Safari Ltd

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Holstein cows, known in Europe as Friesians, are distinguished by their black-and-white markings and known for prodigious milk production. The dairy breed averages 23,000 pounds of milk per year, or about 9 gallons per animal, per day.

Scientific Name:
Bos taurus
Characteristics: Featuring a collar and bell, this Holstein dairy cow is ready for the milking parlor. With an intelligent face and realistic sculpting, this figure looks exactly like the real thing.
Size and Color: These well-known dairy cows display their iconic
black-and-white coloration. The figures are 5 inches long, a little longer than a pop can.
The Holstein Cow is part of the Safari Farm collection.
All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.

Age Range :
3 years+
Size In : 5.05 L x 1.6 W x 2.95 H
Size Cm : 12.83 L x 4.06 W x 7.49 H

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