Stapelstein® Bag


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Pre-Order ETA Late September


Please note:
Stapelstein is coming to the U.S. We are expecting our order to arrive to us by late September. We will ship out all preorders as soon as our shipment arrives. If there are any delays with the shipment to the U.S. Distributor and therefore to us, we will notify you or you can come back to this page for an update.

Stapelstein® Bag
With the practical Stapelstein® Bag you have up to 12 Stapelstein®. Original elements neatly under control. Over the shoulder or as a backpack, the Original elements can be taken along wherever movement and creative stacking play are required.
Did you know that a primary school child's school bag weighs up to 5 kg? 12 Original elements weigh less than half of that!
Product details
Fits 12 Stapelstein® Originals or 8 Stapelstein® Originals and 2 Stapelstein®Boards.
To carry as a backpack, shoulder bag or tote bag.
Length: 90 cm, width: 27 cm, height: 27 cm

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