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soft, stretchy, durable, & ultra absorbent.

a year-round, 

soft, stretchy, durable, & ultra absorbent.

a year-round, day & night essential for cloth diapering.

sustainablebabyish longies are made from öko-tex certified wool yarns and are double-layer knit, making them breathable, soft, and comfortable perfect for cloth diapered children from newborns to toddlers. sustainablebabyish knit wool longies work well with one-size diapers, prefolds, and all sustainablebabyish fitteds, flats, and snapless-multi diapers.

content: 93% wool | 7% lycra.
care: hand wash, lanolize, lay flat to dry do not machine wash.
öko-tex certified wool yarns & dye, made in a socially and environmentally responsible knit house in China.

the sustainablebabyish knits line is in the one diaper-one tree program. the hang tags are made of plantable, wildflower, recycled stock when you are done with the tag plant in potting soil or your garden, add water, & watch your flowers grow.

*New size Large-Slims = same waist/fit as M/L with the inseam and rise of size L

size weight age longies inseam shorts inseam
x-small 5-12 lbs 0-4 mos 6" 2"
small 10-20 lbs 3-9 mos 8" 3"
medium 18-25 lbs 8-18 mos 9" 4"
medium-long 24-30 lbs 18-28 mos 10" 4 3/4"
large-slims 30 lbs+  28 mos+ 12" 5 1/2"
large 30 lbs+ 28 mos+ 12" 5 1/2"


What makes Sloomb wool different?

  • Sustainablebabyish knits are the softest machine knit wool in the industry
  • All knits are double layer throughout for a natural, breathable, and bulletproof solution for year-round use
  • Wool is an economical choice - only 3-4 wool covers are needed to successfully cloth diaper and generally need to be washed once every few weeks
  • Longies keep little legs legs protected and are extremely durable for everyday use by active children
  • Longies are used as both a diaper cover and pants, no extra cover is needed, making cloth diapering easy and convenient
  • Beautiful and rich colors from environmentally friendly dyes and dyeing methods that meet the industry's highest standards, thereby ensuring the correct criteria for color stability, color fastness and the use of non-toxic additives
  • Our commitment to using wool that is farmed practicing ecologically sustainable methods
  • Our wool is spun and dyed in GOTS, Öko-Tex, and ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities that meet the highest standards of quality, environmental protection and cultural and social commitment
  • Plantable hangtags = no waste packaging


Lanolizing and caring for your sustainablebabyish wool is easy.

  • fill a sink/large  pot with warm water
  • warm 4-8 oz of water in the microwave until very hot/boiling
  • add 1 tsp -1 tablespoon of lanolin to the cup of hot water
  • add a squirt of baby shampoo or wool wash
  • stir until all the yellow solids are melted and the water looks white like milk
  • add this to the sink/pot of warm water-stir around
  • add your wet cover to the water and massage the water into the cover
  • let sit for 15 mins - 1 hour (you can weight it down with the butter knife)
  • squeeze water out
  • roll between two towels or put in the washer on the spin cycle (no water)
  • lay flat to dry.

That's it! Very easy and takes about 5 mins total, plus the wait time to let the garment soak in the lanolin water and drying time.  Once the cover has been worn, turn it inside out and set aside.  You will only need to wash it every few weeks or when it becomes soiled.

If your cover/longies have been laying to dry for a few hours and it is still damp, you can put it in the dryer on the air fluff (no heat cycle), but do not dry for long periods of time.

Feel free to lanolize a few wool items at once, but care for your wool with like colors.
Knits can be worn out of the package or lanolized prior to use, however they do not arrive lanolized.

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