Tonie National Geographic - Astronaut

Tonie National Geographic - Astronaut


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3, 2, 1… Get ready to blast off into space to explore planets, stars, and beyond with space technologist, and National Geographic Explorer, Jennifer W. Lopez! Discover the wonders that exist past Planet Earth.

This Tonie teaches kids about: 

  • The Solar System
  • Space missions
  • Galaxies, stars and black holes


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        • 1 Tonie (Tonie Box needs to purchased separately).
        • Accessories include booklet & instructions. 
        • Made in and China.


        1. Our Solar System

        2. Galaxies, Stars, and Black Holes

        3. Humans in Space

        4. Aliens?

        5. Blast Off

        6. Space Mysteries 

        7. Exploring the Night Sky

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