Tonie Spot’s Fun with Friends


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A spring collection of ten classic Spot tales brought to life in audio! Join the mischievous puppy, Spot, as he embarks on more adventures dressing up, playing and making a mess with friends!

This Tonie teaches kids about: 

  • Acceptance
  • Creating new experiences through friendship and play
  • Strengthening family bonds


        • 1 Tonie (Tonie Box needs to purchased separately).
        • Accessories include booklet & instructions. 
        • Made in Tunisia.


        1. Happy Birthday Spot

        2. Spot‘s New Game

        3. Spot Tidies Up

        4. Spot‘s Band

        5. Spot Dresses Up

        6. Spot‘s Horse

        7. Spot‘s Tent

        8. Spot‘s Favourite Toy

        9. Spot‘s Show and Tell

        10. Spot Plays Hide-and-Seek

        Total Run Time: 30 minutes

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