Bee Green Naturals Hand Sanitizer Spray

BeeGreen Naturals

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Bee Green Naturals hand sanitizer spray is made with the highest grade ingredients and per specifications, to be considered an effective antimicrobial waterless handwash. 

We offer two extremely lightly scented options. Sanitizer should not be heavily scented as the natural scent of it is a deterrent to children who might accidentally get into it. Always keep your spray away from children and extra bottles up high or secure.

Directions: Apply well all over hands and rub together well, then allow to dry. 

70% organic ethanol, distilled water, isopropyl alcohol (to denature), 5% hydrogen peroxide, 99.7 % USP grade glycerol, 99% organic aloe, *essential oil in the lavender mint and fresh citrus options. *all citrus are non-photo toxic 

2.7 fl.oz.

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