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A little bit about me...

Hi, I am Rana and the mother of three wonderful children. I had never considered cloth diapering until my second child was about 4 months old and we were battling consistent skin irritations. They caused him so much discomfort, that it affected his night time sleeping and his overall happiness.

I have a 4 year degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and could not believe that I was unable to solve this diapering issue. I truly felt somewhat lost as a parent as well as a scientist and did not know where to turn to. After trying several different brands of disposable diapers, which made his eczema worse, I found out about the great new cloth diaper options out there. I bought several different types of cloth diapers and immediately saw a change in my son's skin and behavior. Since then I have become a cloth diaper believer and advocate.

The reason I opened this store is due to the general lack of availability of cloth diapering and natural parenting resources. I wanted to provide all the products we learned to love to other families as well.

Over the years Dearest Diapers has not only become known for its vast Cloth Diaper selection, but has also become a great resource for all your Babywearing needs! We carry a variety of Baby Carriers, Baby Gear, Strollers, Car Seats, Toys, Clothes, and so much more! We hope you enjoy them all as much we do!

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Rana, Chris, Hailey, Channing & Camden