Carriwell Overbelly Support Belt

Carriwell Overbelly Support Belt

  • $39.95


Your Pregnancy should not be about back pain!

This extremely comfortable and easy to adjust support belt, provides support and immediate relief for pregnancy-induced backache.

  • Relief: This pregnancy belt applies easily adjustable counter pressure to any discomfort in your lower back, improving your posture and bringing you pain relief.
  • Support: The broad soft belt gently lifts your tummy relieving downward pressure whilst supporting your hip.
  • Soft: The broad elastic and soft breathable microfiber fabric is designed to softly support your sensitive skin.
  • Simple: One-piece belt which is easy to put on and will grow-with-you, is adjustable for your unique size and support - see video below for details.

Suggested Sizing:

Composition: 60% Polyester, 20% Polyamide & 20% Rubber
Wash and Care: Whites can also be washed at 60° Celsius

This extremely comfortable & easy to adjust support belt, provides support & immediate relief for pregnancy-induced backache.

  • Style: This pregnancy belt is designed thin soft materials so you can wear it discreetly under or over your clothing.
  • Approved: Highly recommended by leading midwives for use during pregnancy.
  • Washable: Retains its support and shape you need after washing.

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