Girasol *DD Exclusive* Polychrome *Cuervo* Twill Woven Wrap

Girasol *DD Exclusive* Polychrome *Cuervo* Twill Woven Wrap


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Girasol *DD Exclusive* Polychrome *Cuervo* Twill Woven Wrap

Polychrome is a very subtle but beautiful Rainbow. This is a perfect Woven Wrap for a beginner Babywearer because top and bottom rail are easily distinguishable with different colors of the Rainbow. Don't be fooled though, Girasols are much loved by long-time Wrappers as well!

Polychrome Cuervo Weft
100% Cotton
Twill Weave
Release: December 17th 2015
Handwoven in Guatemala

+ From newborn to toddler

+ Versatile carrier may be worn in front of the stomach, on the hip, on the back

+ May also be used as a hammock, swing, blanket

+ Correctly tied, the baby carrier adapts perfectly and individually to both carrier and child

The Different Sizes Of Slings

We offer our slings in 4 different length : 2,60m 4,20m 4,60m and 5,20m.
If you need a special size, there is the possibility to have it custum made.
The suitable size depends on your size and the carrying positions.
The longer the sling, the more possibilities you have to carry your baby.
For the cradle and the hipseat you need 2,60m, for the back pack and the different cross- carries you need 4,20m until 5,20m slings.
With the length of 4,60 or 5,20m you can bind all different positions.

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