OsoCozy® Unbleached Prefold Diapers - 6pack


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Unbleached Prefold Diapers -  Our best selling unbleached prefold diapers available in attractive store shelf packaging (barcoded).  Each package contains 6 diapers and comes with dual language use and washing instructions on the back side (English and Spanish).  Packaged prefolds come in two sizes only. 
Size 1 is the Infant 4x8x4 diapers and Size 2 is the Premium 4x8x4 diapers.

Infant (7-15Ibs) Size 1 (Layering 4x8x4), Dimension
12"x16" (after wash 10.5"x13.5")
 Premium (15-30Ibs) Size 2 (
Layering 4x8x4), Dimension 14.5"x22" (after wash 12.75"x18.75")

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