SiliKids GoSili Universal Straw Top (Fresh & Mint)

SiliKids GoSili Universal Straw Top (Fresh & Mint)


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Siliskin Straw Tops - Silicone Universal Straw Tops

Give any cup a straw top in seconds!  The Siliskin Straw Top is a universal silicone top that stretches over and grips the top of any size cup instantly making it spill proof.  Silicone suction keeps it in place so it does not pop off while in use.  Perfect for on-the-go or at home.  Set comes with 2 tops and 2 reusable silicone straws. Time to GoSili! 

Give your cup a straw top in seconds
Silicone top stretches over and grips top of multiple size cups
Air suction keeps the top in place
Add it to a Siliskin Glass or glass of your choice
Makes in instant, no spill cup
Comes in 2 pack with silicone straw
100% silicone

PLEASE NOTE - While the Siliskin Straw Tops have a super stretch, they can still tear if not used properly.  Please use with care when taking on and off cups.

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